How to start a startup?
➤Lecture 1 - How to Start a Startup (Sam Altman, Dustin Moskovitz) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 2 - Team and Execution (Sam Altman) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 3 - Before the Startup (Paul Graham) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 4 - Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing (Adora Cheung)(中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 5 - Competition is for Losers (Peter Thiel) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 6 - Growth (Alex Schultz) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 7 - How to Build Products Users Love (Kevin Hale) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 8 - How to Get Started, Doing Things that Don't Scale, Press (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 9 - How to Raise Money (Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, Parker Conrad) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 10 - Culture (Brian Chesky, Alfred Lin) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 11 - Hiring and Culture, Part 2 (Patrick and John Collison, Ben Silbermann) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 12 - Building for the Enterprise (Aaron Levie) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 13 - How to be a Great Founder (Reid Hoffman) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 14 - How to Operate (Keith Rabois) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 15 - How to Manage (Ben Horowitz) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 16 - How to Run a User Interview (Emmett Shear) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 17 - How to Design Hardware Products (Hosain Rahman) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 18 - Legal and Accounting Basics for Startups (Kirsty Nathoo, Carolynn Levy) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 19 - Sales and Marketing; How to Talk to Investors (Tyler Bosmeny; YC Partners) (中文網站)(英文網站)
➤Lecture 20 - Later-stage Advice (Sam Altman) (中文網站)(英文網站)

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